More Than Morel Mushrooms - Mushroom information presentations, forays and mushroom sales
Julie Powell-Albright has always been an outdoor enthusiasts, going on mushroom forays in Ohio and other states to look for the mushroom species of the season. She has taken several mycology courses.  She attended an in depth mushroom cultivation course from the famous Paul Stamets in Olympia Washington and is in the process of becoming a mushroom cultivator to save endangered species due to deforestation.
Julie is an artist, talented in many mediums but specializing in clay sculptures, she has over 75 actual to scale painted mushroom sculptures to aid in mushroom identification which she takes to her presentations.  As a sculptor she has had her art works in juried art shows including the Ashland University Art Show, The Canton Art Club Show and the Mansfield Art Center. Her unique art works are shown in many galleries.
Julie is also an accomplished equestrian; she trains and competes with her horses in long distance riding.  Achieving her 5000 AERC mileage award in the fall of 2012.  While she rides through the forest on her training rides she often times finds edible mushrooms along the way.  The hard task is getting the mushrooms back to the horse trailer without injuring them. She always carries mushroom bags with her just for that reason.  Her horses have had to learn to stand still while she mounts with bags of mushrooms.
In her mushroom information presentations Julie takes the audience through a virtual walk through the forest in a power point presentation.  She talks about tree identification to find different mushroom species associated with them, and the importance of going green and protecting our forest.  Juliestresses the accurate identification of mushrooms and the different poisonings a person can get by eating the wrong mushrooms referencing them by showing her sculpted mushroom display. Her golden rule is if you cannot positively identify the mushroom don't eat it.  And of course everyone loves her favorite mushroom recipes that she cooks for presentation tastings.
Julie has several dehydrated mushroom species such as chanterelles, oysters, morels and grifola frondosas for sale in one ounce bags; or a mushroom mixture to rehydrate for her wild mushroom fondue recipe.  Julie also has breaded and frozen chicken mushrooms (laetiporus sulphureus) hens (grifola frondoses) and pre made puffball Parmesan ready to cook also for sale.
Looking forward to presenting at your facility. "The Mushroom Lady"
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