More Than Morel Mushrooms - Mushroom information presentations, forays and mushroom sales
black staining on black staining poly poreOur July 13 Foray at Mohican State Forest was a great success.
We found over 300 chanterelles.I dehydrated and froze the chanterelles. 
A beautiful and rare rose chicken of the woods so fresh and young we ate some with steak that night just cooked in butter they were so delicious.
I also breaded and froze some and froze just the mushroom itself to put in stir fry's later.
 We also found white coral mushrooms they are edible but may cause diarrhea so I never eat them just take pictures of the beautiful and frail mushroom.
Included in the mushroom pictures are white coral (Ramariopsis kunzei.  
Black staining poly pore (Meripilus giganteus) fresh and black staining after picking it. 
I found 2 old man of the woods bolete (Strobilmyces floccopus)  also edible will eat tonight with steak let you know my opinion of this mushroom. 
Spring Michigan Mushroom foray at Pigeon River Forest near Vanderbilt Michigan 
April 11 till16th. Had a great time with my bff friend Jane. Black morels were just coming up found a couple hundred. Brought them home and dehydrated them to sell or use later.
Shawnee Forest Morel Fest 4-13,14 2013  Great family activity.This will become an annual event. Plan for it again next spring.
 A pre morning gathering for instructions on the upcoming  morel hunt that day.
Fall foray November 6 2013
Mohican State Forest
We found a late grifola or maitake mushroom foray we were lucky and found one not damaged by the previous frost of weeks prior.
chef Bob frying up some breaded chicken mushrooms
Laetiporus sulphureus.
Weather was too cold to find any morels but everybody got to taste wild mushrooms.
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