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Fall Mushrooms
The Grifola Frondosa or "hen of the woods" found under older deciduous Oak trees. My personal favorite. That is not only a delicious mushroom it is medicinally very good for you.
The Letiporous sulphares or chicken mushroom. Very good breaded and deep fried in canola oil this mushroom will taste like fried chicken fingers. Shelf mushroom bright orange on top bright yellow on bottom when fresh.
Here are some more pictures of this years 2013 chicken mushroom.
The mushroom on the left was one of the most beautiful and fresh I have ever found. It was so good. great in stir fry
Meadow Mushroom (agaricus campestris) found in fields and yards in a wet early fall be sure they have pink gills.                                                                              Also shown is the progression of pink gills as they age.
Bearded Tooth (Hericium ernaceus) a toothed fungi, good edible. Is currently being researched for cell regeneration. So it is good for you also. Its a species i will cultivate in my future cultivation facility.
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